The Latin American Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (JIISIC, after its Spanish acronym) has been an international meeting of scientists, technicians and professionals devoted to Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering study and research since its first issue in 2001. Its main purpose is to promote contact, scientific and professional cooperation, and technology transfer within Latin America.

Since its first issue in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and throughout those in Salvador Bahia (Brazil), Valdivia (Chile), Madrid (Spain) and Puebla (Mexico), JIISIC conferences have been gathering an always increasing number of attendants.

This issue is organized by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

Field of Interest
The Conference's field of interest includes the following topics:

Software Quality, Processing, and Management
Software Management
Quality Models
Software Quality
Software Security
Process Improvement
Process Modeling
Software, Validation and Verification Testing
Metrics and Empirical Software Engineering

Software Design and Development
Design Methods
Ontologies and Methodologies
Usability and Person-Computer Interaction
Requirement Engineering
Software Architectures and Design
Software Engineering based on Components
Domain Modeling and Meta-Modeling
Theory and Formal Methods
Programming Languages

Software Maintenance, Evolution and Re-use
Software Maintenance
Software Refactoring
Reverse Engineering
Software Evolution and Re-engineering
Software Aging
Software Components and Re-use
Patterns and Frameworks

Software Tools and Techniques
Software Tools and Development Environments
Intelligent CASE Tools
Intelligent Agents
Web-Based Tools, Systems, and Environments
Multimedia and Hypermedia Software Engineering: Systems Documents, Help and Tutorials
Decision-Making Help Tools
Artificial Intelligence Proposals to Software Engineering

Software Engineering Applications

Real-Time and Embedded Software
Computer-Assisted Cooperative Work
Industrial Applications
Mobile Computer
Paralellism and Distributed Architectures
Software Processes and Workflow
Software for education and learning

Knowledge Engineering
Knowledge Retrieval and Representation
Knowledge Engineering Techniques and Tools
Web-Based Knowledge Manager
Knowledge Acquisition
Web Semantics

Databases and Data Mining
Data Mining
Expert and Knowledge-Based Systems

Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering Education
Software engineering curricula
Design of courses for SE or KE
Application of new teaching methods or techniques
Teaching materials


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