If you don't want to take the accommodation program, you can contact directly with the hotels.
We are including hotel preferencial rates for conferences that will be held at PUCP.

Hotel Category US Dollars Rate
Sol Meliá ***** $96.75 (single & double)
Suites Antique *** $55.00 (single & double)
Hotel Melodía *** $30.00 (single)
$40.00 (double)


It is highly recommended to take a pre-paid taxi at the airport or request the hotel to arrange an airport pickup. If you want to contract a pre-paid taxi you must make it at the taxi company counters before leaving the airport parking . This service costs from 35 to 50 nuevos soles and it depends how far your hotel is located.

It is recommended to arrange a taxi service in the hotel in order to go to the conference place. This service costs aproximately S/.10 nuevos soles.

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